Unit Patches

Unit Patches

What Are Military Units?

There are thousands of individual units in the United States military. Some are still active and many are from a bygone era. The wide base of skill sets and varying capabilities are what keep the United States military running like clockwork. While there are plenty of men and women on the front lines, behind them is a massive logistical support structure of capable soldiers, sailors, and airmen who use their unique skills to support their brothers and sisters at arms.

Honoring Your Unit

To a soldier, sailor, or airman, their unit is a sign of honor. It is an important revelation into how our veterans and active duty military do their part for our nation. From front-line soldiers, pilots, and quartermasters to drill sergeants, meteorologists, and ordnance officers; the list of jobs in the military profession is too massive to count. The insignias and mottos of these units are each unique in their design and offer a chance for servicemembers to display their unit’s logo on their jacket or wall..

Military Unit Patches for Everyone

Popular Patch has thousands of unit patches for every branch of the service, in addition to unit citation patches. Our patches are perfect for veterans, active duty service members, or military enthusiasts. We supply patches made from high-quality materials for almost any military unit you can think of. We carry famous unit patches such as the 1st Infantry Division and Seal Team 6, as well as the countless others you see below. If you are having trouble finding the patch for your unit or MOS, please contact us about our custom patch designs.

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