Military Police Patches

Military Police Patches

History of the Military Police

Military police (MPs) are an essential part of the U.S. military. They are responsible for a wide range of duties, including law enforcement, traffic control, and prisoner transport. MPs also play a vital role in maintaining order and discipline within the military.

MPs have a long and distinguished history in the U.S. military. They have served in every major conflict since the American Revolution, and they have made significant contributions to the success of those campaigns. In the American Civil War, for example, MPs played a key role in keeping the peace behind the lines and preventing desertion.

During World War II, MPs were responsible for guarding prisoners of war and helping to liberate concentration camps. And in the War on Terror, MPs were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan to help keep our troops safe and to support the local civilian population. They are also often deployed to war-torn countries in order to train the locals on how to maintain their own law and order.

Military Police Today

Today, MPs continue to play a vital role in the US military. They are often the first responders to emergencies, and they are always ready to put their lives on the line to protect their fellow service members and civilians. They have a large role on military bases, including investigating crimes, apprehending criminals, and providing security for military personnel and property. They even investigate incidents of misconduct and enforce military regulations.

Military Police Patches

MPs are the key to the safety and security of our troops and to the success of our military operations. We undoubtedly owe them a debt of gratitude for their service and sacrifice. To help you show your gratitude, we’ve created an extensive collection of Military Police patches, many of which are centered around various brigades and battalions. You can also pick up our K-9 Military Police patch to commemorate you and your furry partner’s service. If you are looking for something a little more simplified, we also offer the classic Military Police Symbol patch, prominently featuring the two crossed pistols. Be sure to browse our full offering of MP patches below to see which patch you’ll add to your collection next.


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