Quartermaster Patches

Quartermaster Patches

The Purpose of U.S. Quartermasters

The United States Quartermaster Corps is the backbone of any military endeavor. Without quartermasters, the military would not have the supplies necessary to carry out various missions. The logistics of supplying our military are daunting. Every meal a soldier in the field eats, every round they fire, and every piece of equipment that keeps them operating travels through complicated and expansive supply lines. 

A History of Quartermaster Logistics

The Quartermaster Corps is the oldest logistics branch in the United States military and has been active since the Revolutionary War. The ability of the military to interdict in situations quickly and effectively is tied to their ability to get supplies efficiently. Veteran and active duty members of the Quartermaster Corps are the heroes behind the heroes on the front lines. Without them, no mission, battle, or war would be possible. 

U.S. Quartermaster Military Patches

Popular Patch carries a number of quartermaster patches. We have the Parachute RIgger Badge Patch for quartermasters who want to represent their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). In addition to Army, Marine, and Air Force quartermaster badges, we carry Naval and Submarine quartermaster patches as well. If you are a former or current member of the Quartermaster Corps and can't find the patch you are looking for please contact us about custom patches and or submit your design idea via PatchVote.

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