Marine Corps Patches

Marine Corps Patches

Military Patches and the United States Marines

The first military patches were worn by British officers in the 19th century to denote officer rank. With the coming Industrial Revolution and cheaper access to fabrics and sewing machines, patches became a norm in many militaries. During World War I, military patches became commonplace for the United States Military. Many units sported unique patches related to where they came from in the states or their unit nicknames, and many of these original patches have become collector's items over time.

Patches became much more intricate and colorful during WWII. The Marine Corps patches are often stitched with bright gold and scarlet, the official color of the USMC since 1925. One of the most famous United States Marine Corps patches is the 1st Marine 1st Division patch from Guadalcanal, Awarded to the 1st Marine Division for one of the most famous and brutal battles in the Marine Corps' long history. 

Marine Motto 

Sempre Fidelis, always faithful, is the United States Marine Corps motto. These men and women have served in battles from Tripoli to Operation Iraqi Freedom and are often relied upon to carry out some of the toughest work the nation asks of them. First to fight and last to leave, the United States Marines are the tip of the spear in conflicts and disaster relief at home and abroad. 

USMC Patches

If you served in the USMC, know a Marine veteran, or currently have a family member serving in the Marines, has a number of Marine patches that can be worn proudly. Our MOS patches articulate the duties our marines have discharged in the line of duty. We also carry combat ribbons and campaign ribbons for those who bravely served and want to show their devotion to the protection of our freedom. There are also many older replica patches for military enthusiasts or collectors interested in adding to their collections. See below to browse our entire collection of USMC patches.

This website is not an official U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) site, however, the owner of this website is an official trademark licensee of the USMC. To reach the official website please go to

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