Reconnaissance Battalion Patches

Reconnaissance Battalion Patches

The Role of U.S. Military Reconnaissance Members

Having correct information on the battlefield is the most valuable weapon available to any military. The United States’ military reconnaissance efforts are second to none. Today’s reconnaissance units do a number of important tasks as the eyes and ears of our military forces.

They are responsible for scouting terrain and evaluating weather, finding enemy forces, fleshing out the composition and size of an enemy force, and estimating the impact a mission may have on civilians and structures in a given area. Modern reconnaissance uses many types of technology such as the internet and satellites to glean information about a situation or enemy.

A Short Military Reconnaissance Overview

Our 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion Patch of the United States Marine Corps features their insignia and unit motto, “Swift, Silent, and Deadly.” The 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion was originally a scout battalion of the 2nd Marines during WWII. The first men ashore at the Battle of Tarawa were scout-sniper platoons of the 2nd Marine Regiment. They had been ordered to secure a pier stretching into a lagoon close to the landing area.

Coming under heavy fire, their commander William D. Hawkins quickly realized the pier was covered in petrol barrels and sent most of his men to safety while he and five others captured the pier. The small detachment then returned to the main fighting where Hawkins was killed. He posthumously received the Medal of Honor and, since then, the importance of military reconnaissance teams has grown exponentially.

Our Top Military Reconnaissance Patches

Popular Patch has over one-hundred patches relating to reconnaissance units in all branches of the military. They are made with high-quality materials and are perfect for veterans, active-duty soldiers, military family members, and military enthusiasts. If you don't see the patch you are looking for make sure to contact Poplar Patch about our custom patches and we will do our best to fill your order.    

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