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Hunting Patches

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Hunting is a very popular sport among servicemen and women. Hunting can be a long, arduous activity. However, hours of patience often pay off in the end when you get to go home with your hunt after a long day. At Popular Patch, we don’t just make U.S. military service-related patches. We also sell patches for all the avid hunters out there.

Add our hunting patches to your collection to really make it stand out and exhibit what you love to do. Spark a conversation with a stranger with our favorite, “The Buck Stops Here” patch. Our hunting patches also make great gifts for those who are interested in the sport. They’re perfect for adding to your favorite gear bag or adding a little something special to your favorite camos.

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  • The Buck Stops Here Patch
    The Buck Stops Here Patch
    The Buck Stops Here popular hunting patch featuring the silhouette of a buck with red gun cross hair and the text "THE BUCK STOPS HERE" on a brown camouflage background with a black marrowed edge.
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