• Shellback-Ancient Order Patch

    Shellback-Ancient Order Patch

    Show your pride in crossing the equator with this high-quality Shellback Ancient Order patch. The Shellback Ancient Order is a time-honored tradition in the United States Navy, and this patch is a...
  • United States Flag Patch

    United States Flag Patch

    Our United States Flag Patch is not flimsy or lightweight, but rather built sturdy just like the country it represents. Our american flag is a symbol of freedom and one nation under God. Wear this...
  • Navy Crest Patch

    Navy Crest Patch

    Looking for a Navy Crest patch to display your pride and support for the United States Navy? Look no further than our intricately embroidered Navy Crest patch. This high-quality patch features the...
  • Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Patch

    Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Patch

    TONKIN GULF YACHT CLUB Vietnam United States Navy Military Patch - A tongue-in-cheek nickname for the United States 7th Fleet during the Vietnam War. - Yellow background with red stripes and a black...

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Popular Patch is your source for military patches and military unit patches. Many of our patches are hard to find WWII and Vietnam War military insignias.  Our customers are often surprised to find their specific unit, ship, squadron, or station patches going all the way back to WWI. Much of our inventory comes with quality iron-on backing or hook-side backing for easy application. Whether on the back of your jacket, your shoulder, or hat; put a patch on it! — or you can add them to your collection book. Each embroidered emblem is made of high-quality fabric and detailed embroidery.

Our Navy patches section is the largest part of our inventory, followed closely by our Army patches. We also carry Air Force patchesMarine patches, and Coast Guard patches. Let us know if there is something you are not seeing on our website. We can provide custom patches, click on the link to send a request for a quote. Our mission is to honor our servicemen and women one patch at a time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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