Air Force Patches

Air Force Patches

History of the United States Air Force

The United States Air Force (USAF) was originally founded on August 1st, 1907 as a part of the United States Army Signal Corps. With time, it became its own branch within the US Armed Forces after the National Security Act of 1947 was passed, making it the second newest branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Until 2019, the Air Force was also in charge of the military's space missions. After that, the Space Force took over military space operations. However, we still offer patches related to the Air Force's involvement in space, like the Space Command patch. The Air Force's core purpose now is to provide air support for land and naval forces, in addition to conducting independent air operations and aiding in the recovery of troops in the field.

The Air Force Insignia 

To create a distinctive symbol for the branch to signify its unique culture and history, the Air Force leadership commissioned research and focus groups in 1998. The symbol wasn’t designed until 1999, and it was finally designated as the official symbol of the Air Force in 2004. This modern symbol is based on another commonly used USAF symbol; a design created during World War II by Army Air Force General Henry Arnold through his collaboration with an artist. Some even say the symbols take inspiration from a photograph of Winston Churchill, who is well-known for making a “V for Victory” gesture with his hand.

Air Force Patches

In short, the Air Force is responsible for nearly all things air. This is why we offer such a wide selection of pararescue, fighter squadrons, strategic air commands, special tactics squadrons, and gunship patches. We also carry a selection of A-10 patches and pilot wing insignias. If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us or submit your design idea through PatchVote.

Officially Licensed Product of the Department of the Air Force.

Endorsement by the United States Air Force is neither intended nor implied. (1-800-423-USAF)


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