NASA Project Apollo Recovery Team Patch

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Introducing the NASA Project Apollo Recovery Team Patch, a tribute to the unsung heroes who played a crucial role in the safe recovery of astronauts and spacecraft during the historic Apollo missions. This intricately embroidered patch proudly showcases the emblem of the NASA Project Apollo Recovery Team, symbolizing their dedication and bravery in ensuring the success of these groundbreaking missions.


  • ** Official A-B Emblem Patch **
  • Measures 4.00 inches in Height
  • Iron on backing for secure attachment to clothing, bags, or any gear
  • Clean and precise merrowed edge for a polished and professional appearance
  • Intricate embroidery captures the detail and significance of the Apollo Recovery Team emblem, representing their vital contributions to space exploration.


  • Commemorate Historic Endeavors: By owning this patch, you pay tribute to the remarkable achievements of the NASA Project Apollo Recovery Team and their essential role in the safe return of astronauts and spacecraft from space missions that captivated the world.
  • Collectible Item: This patch serves as a collectible item for space enthusiasts, history buffs, and patch collectors, preserving a piece of iconic space history and honoring the courage and expertise of the Apollo Recovery Team.
  • Honor Space Pioneers: Show your appreciation and respect for the men and women who fearlessly faced challenges and risks to ensure the safe recovery of astronauts and spacecraft, making their contribution to space exploration immeasurable.
  • Inspire Future Explorers: Displaying this patch can inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and space enthusiasts, reminding them of the unwavering determination required for successful space missions and exploration.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Whether for a space aficionado, history enthusiast, or anyone inspired by the accomplishments of space missions, this patch makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift, symbolizing the spirit of human courage and ingenuity.

At Popular Patch, we are dedicated to honoring the legacies of remarkable space missions and the contributions of the individuals who made them possible. The NASA Project Apollo Recovery Team Patch exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality patches that embody the essence of space exploration.

Order your NASA Project Apollo Recovery Team Patch today and proudly display your admiration for the exceptional efforts of the Apollo Recovery Team. Let this patch serve as a symbol of humanity's incredible journey to the moon and beyond, inspiring us to embrace the spirit of exploration and teamwork.

  • Height: 4.00 inches, Width: 5.00 inches
  • Iron-on or sew-on (Sewing on a patch is always the best application)
  • Popular Patch is officially licensed by the US Air Force, US Army, Marine Corps & US Navy.
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