Artemis Program Patch

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3.87 (in)
4.00 (in)
0.08 (in)
Iron On
Merrowed Edge


Introducing the Artemis Program Patch, a symbol of humanity's return to the Moon and our quest for deeper space exploration. This intricately designed patch celebrates the Artemis Program, NASA's ambitious initiative to land the first woman and the next man on the lunar surface by 2024.

Key Features:

  • ** Official A-B Emblem Patch **
  • Made with high-quality materials for a durable and long-lasting patch
  • Iron-on backing for easy attachment to clothing, bags, or accessories
  • 4 inches in height, making it perfect for display
  • Merrowed border, made precise and with care

The Artemis Program represents a new era of space exploration, pushing the boundaries of human achievement and paving the way for future missions to Mars and beyond. With its focus on sustainability, scientific discovery, and international collaboration, the Artemis Program holds the promise of inspiring generations to come.

By wearing the Artemis Program Patch, you demonstrate your support for this historic undertaking and your belief in the power of human exploration and discovery.


  • Show your excitement and support for the Artemis Program and NASA's lunar missions
  • Connect with fellow space enthusiasts and supporters of space exploration
  • Inspire curiosity and interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • Makes a unique and meaningful gift for space enthusiasts, students, and dreamers

At Popular Patch, we take pride in creating high-quality patches that capture the spirit of important space missions and scientific endeavors. The Artemis Program Patch embodies our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Order your Artemis Program Patch today and join the global community rallying behind the mission to return humans to the Moon. Let this patch be a symbol of our collective ambition, curiosity, and the human spirit of exploration. Together, we will reach new frontiers and expand our understanding of the cosmos.

  • Height: 4.00 inches, Width: 3.87 inches
  • Iron-on or sew-on (Sewing on a patch is always the best application)
  • Popular Patch is officially licensed by the US Air Force, US Army, Marine Corps & US Navy.
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